Infographic: 2011 Black Friday vs Cyber Monday Trends

November 22, 2011 in Savvy Shopping Comments
By: Christian Gordun

Hello Savvy Shoppers! Curious of what kind of savings Black Friday and Cyber Monday is bringing this year? Check out our Infographic: 2011 Black Friday vs Cyber Monday Trends. See the top five trends for the 2011 Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend below the infographic: 

Coupon Craze 2011 Black Friday vs Cyber Monday Infographic

Here are the top five trends for the upcoming 2011 Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend:

1) Many merchants simply using the same monthly offers. Only 27% of merchants will have a Black Friday only specific offer and 36% will have a Cyber Monday specific offer. These percentages represent coupon deals exclusively available on those days alone and don't include the usual coupon offers that these merchants may also have available throughout the month and year. This shows you that there truly is a small set of coupon offers this weekend that are not available in the months prior to Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Be sure you are maximizing your deal.

2) It pays to be patient as your savings will double! Cyber Monday deals will have a higher average discount (25%) versus Black Friday (20%) as many online merchants are saving their deals for after the Black Friday shopping weekend at brick & mortar stores. The same applies to the highest price discount currently known on Cyber Monday (75%) vs Black Friday (60%). Your savings will double because the average coupon code discount throughout 2011 was 10%.

3) Savvy customers search online for maximum savings. Search traffic in 2010 on Black Friday jumped 75% and then 94% on Cyber Monday as customers are increasingly searched for the best deals online even from brick and mortar retailers with an online presence. We expect these numbers to rise again in 2011 as savvy shoppers continue to fine tune their purchases for maximum savings.

4) Percentage (%) and Dollar ($) off coupons will peak now while Free Shipping offers will rise later on in December. When looking at the different types of deals offered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend it clearly shows that 67% of all the coupon offers result in a price savings by percentage or dollar discount whereas only 16% of the deals will be for Free Shipping. These numbers are expected to flip later on in December as Free Shipping deals rise closer to the holidays.

5) No surprise on the top categories BUT the doorbusters deals are expected to be bigger than ever! Thanks to the daily deal craze we are seeing some of the highest discounting on doorbusters ever across the top categories blowing past 50% off in most cases with deals up to 60% in Electronics and 75% in Clothing & Shoes

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