Shop Talk: Fall Yard and Garden Solutions

Welcome back to Shop Talk, the monthly blog where we highlight top independent retailers from around the web. As we are currently witness, the fall months are full of loveliness that comes in the form of cool, crisp days, brilliant foliage and perfectly ripe apples. And while there’s nothing quite like the color of autumnal leaves to lift one’s spirits, the thought of raking them provokes a considerable amount of anxiety and dread, as do the unexpectedly chilly nights that seem to sneak up from out of nowhere. Now that we’re halfway through October, we thought we’d take the time to compile a list of online retailers who are offering problem-solving solutions to get you, your family and your yard through the next few months without tears.

Fall Yard


TAME YOUR LEAVES has the most comprehensive selection of lawn tools, gardening supplies, outdoor storage solutions and patio furniture that we’ve seen anywhere on the web, and they offer a huge selection of brand name items from the likes of Ironclad, Scotts and Miracle-Gro. This fall season, they’re providing a bevy of solutions to help you deal with the imminent onslaught of leaves waiting to ruin your sunny Saturday afternoons. Prepare yourself for leaf duty with a Corona Extendable Rake ($14.31), the Leaf Collector Tripod Bag ($21.40) and the Long-handled Leaf Grab ($25). also sells a wide variety of storage solutions for the winter months; keep your tools rust-free with sheds starting from just $163.95. And, don’t miss out on their excellent selection of apparel and footwear for mucking around in the yard – right now, GardenGrips clogs are on sale for $69.26.

Fall Cleanup ButtonGET GEARED UP

Another one of our favorite websites for everything home and garden is, and at the moment they are offering clearance items up to 60% off. One of the main reasons we love Whatever Works is for their selection of ingenious tools and gear. Say goodbye to frostbitten fingers this year with Touch Screen Winter Gloves ($39.99), which allow you to use your iPhone, iPad and other touch screen devices with your gloves on! We can’t live without their Sheepskin Replacement Shoe Insoles ($19.99 per pair), made from genuine Australian sheepskin to keep your feet warm, dry and oh, so comfy during the long, cold days of December. And don’t forget their Ultimate Shoe and Boot Scraper ($19.99) to make sure the indoors stay out of your tidy kitchen.


This time of year, most of us (up north, at least) are putting our garden beds to rest for the winter. But at, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained throughout the dormant months. Browse their fantastic library of gardening books on a variety of subjects, from horticulture calendars to how-to guides for vegetable gardens to inspiring landscaping companions. Whether you’re a gardening guru or a digging dilettante, Gardeners Hub’s How-To University is a great way to expand your botany knowledge. The downloadable study sessions are full of useful tips and tricks for planting, maintenance and pest control, and start at just $29.99. Through Gardeners Hub, you can also subscribe to the venerable Horticulture Magazine ($19.95 for a year-long subscription), dedicated to celebrating the passion of avid gardeners through engaging writing and brilliant photography.

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