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In 1999, an alternative to purchasing higher price ink cartridges was invented. The company called 123Inkjets found a way to reduce high ink consumption and increase print quality, durability and productivity. The company started out with one principle idea: To provide customers with the highest level of quality ink at the lowest possible price. Their commitment also focuses on keeping the environment safe by using environmentally friendly printing materials and products whenever possible.

123Inkjets realize that it is more economical to produce refill ink kits than it is for customers to buy brand new cartridges. Their insight into this problem led them to gain customer trust and worldwide success. Today, they are among the largest manufacturers and distributors of remanufactured ink toners and cartridges. Their inventory also includes highly compatible ink brands with the same printing qualities as those found in higher name brand cartridges. They sell printer products and accessories that similar to popular manufacturers like Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Panasonic, Xerox, NEC, Lexmark, Epson, Canon, Kodak, Kyocera-Mita, Okidata, Samsung, Sharp, and many others.

It is not hard to believe that in the last 10 years 123Inkjets have sold more than 5 million cartridges. This number includes cartridges and toners for laser printers, laser toners and toner refills. Original ink supplies costs two to three times more in leading department stores. When customers buy their supplies from 123Inkjets they enjoy a huge savings. The best way to start saving money is to start using these products right away. When original ink containers runs out just replace them with one or more ink cartridges from 123Inkjets.

Refill kits are very easy to use and they come with complete instructions. Instead of throwing out cartridges when they stop working, the kits contain refillable ink. The tools are also included inside the kit. The customer can order their kit according to the make and model of their printing machine. Each kit may be different and may not contain some items. This is due to the size and shape of the cartridge that needs to be refilled.

Using 123Inkjets make printing projects easier for home, school and office. The company takes pride in serving customers with various kinds of printing needs. Many companies use more than a dozen toners and cartridges per day. This can be very costly when these expenses occur on a weekly basis. Customers can expect to spend thousands of dollars each month on name brand ink when they can spend far less on remanufactured cartridges and refill kits.

Printing shops that create newsletters, brochures, greeting cards, invitations, and booklets can really benefit by using the printing products available from 123Inkjets. Companies can order a large supply of ink and keep it on hand until it is ready to be used. With prices so low and the quality so good it is possible that these products may be out of stock for a while. Ordering early and keeping a few extra cartridges and toners on hand will help keep any office running smoothly.


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