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A Pea in the Pod provides an excellent solution to the fashion quandaries of pregnant women. The store stocks fashionable clothing for women in all stages of pregnancy, from barely showing to ready for the hospital. Not only are the looks featured at the store trendy, they also fit the unique body of an expecting mother. Pregnant women are beautiful in their own way, but they simply cannot pull off the same clothes that they wore pre-pregnancy. In addition to being super uncomfortable, non-pregnancy clothing is also not particularly flattering. At A Pea in the Pod, women can find clothes that look and feel good on their changing bodies without resorting to ugly tent dresses and the like.

Pregnancy is a very exciting time in a woman's life. There is something about carrying a baby that is very satisfying in a way that words cannot possibly express. That being said, pregnancy also carries several difficulties, one of which is a lack of clothing that looks decent. Expecting mothers often have to resort to walking around in huge sweatpants with elastic bands and shapeless T-shirts. While some are happy to wear frumpy clothes day in and day out, others mourn the loss of their fashionable clothes during the last several months of pregnancy.

Fashionistas will be glad to learn that A Pea in the Pod carries dozens of designer labels, including BCBG, Lilly Pulitzer, Lucky, Buffalo, Elle Macpherson and Citizens of Humanity, among others. The designer maternity apparel is every bit as chic as the clothes these designers create for women who are not currently pregnant. They draw inspiration from expecting celebs, who in recent years have managed to turn pregnancy into a fashion statement.

Not all mothers are able to afford designer clothes, which is why A Pea in the Pod also features its own distinctive and affordable brand. The brand's flowing maternity blouses are especially popular with shoppers, who enjoy the silky feel of the material and the sleek way in which it drapes the pregnant belly. Shoppers also enjoy wearing dresses designed by A Pea in the Pod. They can find cute wrap dresses for the office as well as little black dresses for those weekend cocktail parties (where they always manage to enjoy themselves, despite not being able to drink alcohol). The dresses come in a variety of different colors and patterns, allowing each shopper to find the look that suits her best.

At one time, expecting mothers did not dare parade on the beach in swimsuits. They instead covered up in bulky layers and hid out under massive umbrellas. Things have changed, and now pregnant women feel comfortable going out in stylish maternity swimwear. A Pea in the Pod offers several stunning tankinis and one-piece swimsuits, which are perfect for swimming laps in the pool or simply lounging on the beach.

Pregnancy should be a time to celebrate life, not hide from it. A Pea in the Pod's huge collection of stylish outfits allows expecting mothers to do just that.


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