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Cheryl & Co. is the best store for purchasing delicious cookies. The store has been delivering mouth watering cookies since the year 1981. At that time they were known as Cheryl Cookies. Cheryl & Co. today has their own catalogue, retail, food service, corporate and national supply divisions. Cheryl & Co. began their business with a single cookie store. Since then, they have developed themselves as a multimillion-dollar company with countless stores. It was only in 1988 that Cheryl & Co. started dealing in an assortment of desserts for you. These included yummy pies, brownies and cakes. This was when Cheryl & Co. was born. This store is headquartered at Westerville, Ohio. You can taste the expertise of the company for yourself by trying the unique combination of flavors available. Give a treat to your taste buds by trying out the tasty chocolate fudge and chocolate chip cookies.

Cheryl & Co. also has gift baskets and corporate gifts in store for you. Gift your loved ones the best you can by buying them delicious Cheryl & Co. cookies. You can even create your own combinations the way you require. Buy awesome raspberry crumb brownies and caramel pecan cookies. For your next corporate event, order edible gifts from Cheryl & Co. Gift packs are available for all occasions, whether it is for graduation day or for get-well wishes. Cheryl & Co. is undoubtedly one of the best in this business. You can even order holiday packs available in the store for your favorite holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, even St. Patrick's Day.

Cheryl & Co. is the right place if you are looking for butter crisp cookies, chocolate chunks pies, macadamia pineapple, chocolate, cakes and oatmeal raisin cookies. But don't worry, Cheryl & Co. even allows you to combine flavors you are looking for! The range of cookies is endless. You just have to decide what you want, and Cheryl & Co. has it in store for you. Shop at Cheryl & Co. and buy cookies at attractive rates. Their freshly baked desserts are an all-time favorite. Whether it's a birthday party or a business event, their gift packs are suitable for any occasion. Many of the gift packs are available at rates below 30 dollars to suit your budget. Try the chocolate chunk cookies let the chocolate melt in your mouth. You can even try frosted seasonal cut outs and butterscotch and relish every moment. Check out these assorted high quality confections, and satisfy your taste buds.

So hurry up! Take pleasure in every sugary, delicious bite!


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