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CJ Banks, also known as Christopher and Banks, has been serving the needs of women since 1956. Throughout the years, their line of merchandise has increasingly grown to include a diverse selection of products and accessories. The company focuses on coordinating clothing which is designed exclusively for women. Since the first day, CJ Banks started selling quality clothing their goal was to provide women with soft and comfortable shirts, blouses, pants and dresses that would be proud to wear. This is still their philosophy. From March 1992 to February 2008, the company developed a growth spurt that is still being seen even today.

They offer women clothing in all sizes and styles and these clothing will fit small- to large-sized women with no problem. Plus-sized women usually have a problem finding a suitable outfit that fits them comfortably at a price they can afford. At CJ Banks, finding casual comfortable clothing reasonably priced is an everyday event. Choose from a huge selection of name-brand clothes. Women who love to shop and love to look good will definitely find what they need at CJ Banks. They can choose from a large selection of tops, bottoms, denims, jackets and sweaters.

Style is everything when it comes to clothes. The confident woman knows exactly what she wants. Denim has been around for centuries but not the way we remembered them. Pants and jeans were the most popular and stylish collections of denim wear on the market many years ago. Today, denim has taken on a totally new look, feel and design.

Women can purchase stylish and unique denim blouses, designer skirts, and complete outfits. Whoever said that jeans are for skinny women is mistaken. Plus-sized, full-figured women look great in denims and CJ Banks proves that with its line of plus-size jeans exclusively for the big and beautiful woman. Women of all sizes can look their best and feel their best too when they shop at CJ Banks.

Spring is a pretty time of the year where everyone is bubbling over with smiles, laughter and warm feelings. The floral line of clothing is simply gorgeous. Women can choose from multicolor skirts, designed with soft roses with elegant prints. Applique cardigans and open-stitched sweaters are other clothing that women can add to their spring wardrobe. However, no wardrobe is complete without a large selection of beautiful jewelry.

Choose from weave, braid or coral designed handbags and wallets as well as scarves. The line of scarves to pick from is absolutely breathtaking. Coordinating clothes is an art; the right colors must be included if a fashion statement is about to be made. Scarves can be worn with any outfit if it is the right color and texture.

CJ Banks opens up a new meaning to the word selection. They offer many designs such as Blushing Botanical, Striped Floral, Raspberry Textured Stripped, Taupe Tri Crochet, Dip Dye, Purple Blue Ruffle, Misty Rose and Heart Pink. This is only a small inventory of scarves that are available for purchase. Come on over to CJ Banks and bank on the best in clothing women and accessories.


CJ Banks JJ Pauly

Always have loved shopping at

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Always have loved shopping at store or on-line w/ CJ Banks....only thing is they sent too many sales e-mails

CJ Banks Nicole


Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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