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The CyberLink was established in 1996 and today is the leading company in digital multimedia on PCs and CEs. Some of the company's products are CyberLink Power DVD 8, Power Cinema 5, DVD Solution, Power DVD, Power Cinema, Power Director, Power Producer and plenty of other items, too!

CyberLink's main objective is to produce and develop audio and video technology for your satisfaction and pleasure. The company aims to become the world's foremost company in digital entertainment and multimedia solutions.

CyberLink has employed many highly talented software engineers, as the company believes in delivering the best to its customers. For years, the company has built its good name for distributing top quality, interoperable and high-speed market solutions, which help its company partners stay on top.

You can buy CyberLink products from retailers or online. Online customers can pay by a number of options. When you purchase an item from CyberLink, you also get a backup CD to protect your computer.

The CyberLink Company has received many awards for its services. The company has a huge variety of products available. If you are buying a download product from CyberLink, then your credit card will be charged the day after you're buying has been placed. If it is a hardware item, then the amount will not be charged until the item has reached your home.

You must pay separately for shipping charges. If you have any questions related to any of the CyberLink Company products or its services, please feel free to contact customer service.

Partners of the CyberLink are the top leaders of the IT industry. The CyberLink has its headquarters in Taipei. CyberLink also has offices in North America, Europe and Asia, including Japan. All around the globe, CyberLink is well known for its high quality and best-selling products.


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