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Equifax is one of the leading information solution providers for commercial enterprises and individual consumers. Its advanced and innovative technology helps clients in significantly improving their performance. Both small and large businesses can make use of the numerous services offered by the company. With over one hundred years in the service industry, Equifax is equipped to offer solutions related to fraud detection, portfolio management, credit intelligence, marketing tools, an decision-making technology, along with numerous other services that will benefit the overall growth and development of your organization.

Equifax serves people in fifteen countries around the globe and is headquartered at Atlanta, Georgia. The company assists its clients in choosing services that are most appropriate and caters to individual needs. The commercial, consumer and personal information solutions are specially designed, keeping in mind the interest of the company's varied client base. Industry-specific solutions are also available at Equifax. helps clients to understand the various solutions available and allows them to choose services that are at par with their specific requirements. The solutions are divided into basic categories including commercial, consumer, and personal information solutions. Apart from these, there is a separate section for workforce solutions.

The company offers various cost-effective solutions for clients and allows them to choose different types of plans. Some of the available plans consist of Equifax Credit Watch Gold, which can be used for stopping identity theft, and the Equifax Credit Watch Gold with 3-in-1 Monitoring and Score Power, which is useful in understanding and protecting credit reports. There are several other plans that cater to individual needs of clients.

The advanced and innovative solutions offered by Equifax help businesses to focus on their growth and development. The commercial information solutions not only provide self-reported data but also incorporate financial and trade credit histories, organizational insight, as well as business demographics. The consumer information solutions, on the other hand, are equally beneficial in helping clients to acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Payroll and tax issues are also dealt with by the Equifax, and its workforce solutions are specially designed to address the necessities of HR and financial professionals. Preventing fraud and ID thefts has also become easier with the effective solutions offered by the Equifax. The credit reports, scores and credit monitoring facilities help businesses make smarter decisions that contribute to the success of the organization.

Equifax is dedicated to offer the best solutions to clients and ensures security of all transactions carried out at the website. The company maintains confidentiality of all personal information and provides reliable information that proves to be beneficial for the organization as a whole. Equifax also offers free FICO Credit Score and 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring facilities.


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