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Gaiam offers a wide range of services, materials and products devoted to improving health and wellness on mental, physical, spiritual, and ecological levels. A lifestyle company that aims to give consumers eco-friendly, healthy advice, information, and shopping options, they aim to be a leading example of the principle of Conscious Commerce, where purchasing decisions are guided by a customer's values and beliefs.

Gaiam's shopping site offers both products manufactured by third parties and propriety products developed in partnership with eco-living, health, wellness, and personal development experts. Categories of products marketed by the company include environmentally responsible items, spiritual tools, educational tools, self-help materials, clothing, home decor, office products, and fitness equipment. Many of these are available exclusively through the Gaiam site.

Those looking for additional savings can browse Gaiam's Outlet Sale section, with an extensive list of discounted items from a wide range of their product categories, as well as books and DVDs.

Gaiam is also partnered with Fair Trade for the manufacture of their proprietary products, a movement which promotes strong ethical standards for international labor and environmental protection. Products which are non-proprietary are only included in the site if their manufacturers can verify that they are produced under fair, socially responsible conditions.

Examples of Gaiam exclusives include proprietary workout clothes made with organic cotton or sustainable bamboo rayon designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking. Product descriptions make sure to highlight eco-friendly properties of products such as low-impact manufacturing processes, ergonomic qualities, sustainability, organic materials, and health benefits. Customers may review products, and these reviews are visible to shoppers who wish to get more information about a potential purchase.

The Gaiam shopping site is only part of the company's work. Their site additionally offers a wide variety of informative articles from experts in different fields. Topics covered include the use of the balance ball, yoga and Pilates, T'ai chi, healthy eating, weight loss techniques, detox methods, alternative therapies, eco-friendly decorating, recycling tips, home energy conservation, composting, meditation, relationship building, and style.

For those who would rather watch than read, Gaiam's TV branch makes available both online videos and podcasts of talks and demonstrations from experts. These materials are available to subscribers who pay a monthly fee for access. Some are developed in partnership with established authorities such as the Mayo Clinic.

Gaiam's commitment to environmental responsibility even extends to their shipping: they make it a point to send all of their products in what they call "ugly" boxes: boxes which are reused from other shipments. Products are packed with natural, recyclable or biodegradable packing materials and Gaiam also invites customers to make their shipping "Go Zero"--zeroing out the carbon impact of their purchase by donating an additional $2 towards tree-planting initiatives.


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pretty yoga gear.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

pretty yoga gear.

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