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Are you an amateur photographer? Do you like playing around with video footage and making your own special effects? But you don't quite have a Hollywood budget, eh? That's where Green Screen Wizard comes in. It is a software package that gives you everything that you need to do to put green screen special effects in your video or movie production. The software isn't just for amateur or rising film makers, but for businesses that use video and multimedia to promote their clients or their services, as well.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with green screen, which is also known as chroma keying, it's essentially when subjects are filmed in front of a specialty screen so that film editors can easily edit in backdrops, settings or other special effects. It's a cheaper, easier and faster way to get that special take or create that special picture without paying top dollar for special effects or traveling to a specific location to shoot. Green Screen Wizard offers several software packages, available for both the PC and Mac, as well as digital background images and green screen hardware, if you want to take your green screen capabilities even further.

A popular products offered by Green Screen Wizard is its Standalone software, which doesn't require an Adobe Photoshop add-on to use efficiently. The software is intended for users who want access to green screen effects, but don't want to break the bank in getting them. The company also offers a Green Screen Photoshop Plug-in software package and a Green Screen software for video purposes, among others. Not sure what software is best for you? Try it out. That's right, Green Screen Wizard offers customers the opportunity to download demos of each software package so that they can tinker with the various features and settings to determine which package is the right one for them. If you do decide to purchase a software package from the company, they come with a 60-day return policy. The company also offers discounts on other accessories for customers that purchase one of the software packages.

In conclusion, Green Screen Wizard is the software that produces those green screen effects you are looking for, but without breaking the bank. For instance, consumers can order the software online for just a fraction of the cost that most big budget film studios and businesses purchase it at, and for comparable results. Shipping and handling is extra for each order. Green Screen Wizard is owned by Ken Colby, a professional software developer, who is also always working to improve the software and release new and improved versions. Colby started the business after becoming annoyed by green screen software that didn't meet his video and picture taking requirements.


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