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Interstate Music is a web store owned and operated by Cascio Music Company. Specialized in delivering musical instruments, Interstate Music is different from other instrument stores considering its level of service, huge selection, fast shipping and guaranteed low price. In three major catalogs, Interstate Music has become a big giant in the web business with its massive inventory. The company's employees and officials work hard and go the extra mile to earn customers' trust.

Interstate Music has been in business since just after World War II, so knowledge and experience are matchless. The original company, i.e. Cascio Interstate Music, is one of the most successful growing enterprises in providing musical instruments and accessories to music educators, music students and music lovers worldwide. The entire company is committed to foster the art of music for the benefit of mankind. Interstate Music believes in honesty with great value and ethics.

The company deals with its consumers through their online network. To visit the website, the graphics property of your operating system must be 800x600 pixels or above, and your browser must have upgraded versions of Microsoft Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The website is stunning and easily navigable as well. To shop at Interstate Music, simply enter the power search tool. There are other methods, too: navigation of department menus at the top of your screen, navigation product line optimized at the left side of the home page, and placing your order by catalog number. The last method is applicable only for those who have a catalog. Drums, percussion instruments, guitars, basses, amplifiers, keyboards, synthesizers, live sound devices, DJ machineries, lighting, DJ turntables, DJ mixers, digital audio interfaces, flutes, saxophones, orchestra instruments, violins, professional cellos, recording softwares, equalizers; the product range is too vast to mention everything here.

Interstate Music is a complete resource for music lovers. You can hardly name any instrument not included in the stock. As soon as you confirm the deal, Interstate Music will start to begin the next proceedings. Order status updates will be sent to you as e-mail notifications. The website accepts major credit cards. Check and money order payments are accepted when you order by telephone. You can choose any shipping method from the following three: UPS, FedEx ground and US. Postal Service.

Interstate Music uses secure socket layer encryption when any personal data is exchanged between the official web portal of Interstate Music and the customer. This is the industry standard process and absolutely safe for storing information. If you are not satisfied with a product purchased from the store, simply call or e-mail the authorities within 45 days of refund or exchange.


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