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iRobot is an online purveyor of all kinds of robots. They were started by a small group of roboticists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The goal of these individuals was to work together to create robots that would be useful in a variety of situations. They sell a huge range of robots that span almost every price range, every size, and countless functions. Their robots are ideal for use in private homes as well as for use by public corporations or even for use by governments.

At iRobot, shoppers can find a range of robots for their home cleaning and other projects. For instance, they can purchase a Roomba to vacuum their carpets or a Scooba that will wash their kitchen or bathroom floors. For larger projects, they can get a Verro to clean their swimming pool or a Looj to clean their gutters.

The robots sold at iRobot do more than just clean bathrooms. They also offer government or industrial robots that have been proven to work in combat settings. For instance, these robots have already been used in land and sea missions. Their Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) is a robot that can be used in mobile and infantry missions. The PackBot made by iRobot has been noted as one of the world's most successful battle robots, and it is ideal for dangerous searching missions, tricky reconnaissance missions, and even missions to get rid of bombs. The FirstLook iRobot is a robot that can be thrown into special situations. The Negotiator is a robot that can carry out surveillance missions and the Warrior can carry heavy loads into battles. More information about these robots and similar ones for maritime or ground missions can be gotten from iRobot.

At iRobot, educators, parents, and students can also get information about the iRobot education programs. They run a variety of educational programs. most of their programs are part of their Starter Program for the Advancement of Robotic Knowledge (SPARK) program. They offer workshops that show teachers how to integrate robotics into their classrooms. They also offer robotics road shows that go to various schools to show students different advancements in robotics. They also offer robotics information online where students can learn about the history of robotics as well as about the current use of robots.

iRobot is the perfect place for civilians and government officials who need a robot to help them. Whether they need a robot to send on a military mission or just one to scrub their dirty bathroom floors, shoppers can spend time on the website looking for robots to help them. They can also spend time on the website learning. iRobot is not just a shopping website. It is an interactive educational website as well. It is a great place for educators and students of all levels to gather together to learn about the history of robotics as well as the modern day applications of robots.


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