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Nothing beats a personalized card from a friend or family member. JibJab has become an online leader in personalized ecards. Cards are available for special occasions and holidays, or just to say "Thank You" or "I'm Thinking of You."

Cards are available as a picture, with a space in which to write a custom message. There are also cards available with animation, some including music or sounds. But the real fun begins with cards that provide a space in which to put a person's face. These come as a picture or as a video or mini-movie.

These personalized cards may display a single face or several in a group. They are available to celebrate various occasions, and often around a holiday, new seasonally oriented versions may appear. Many cards come with themes from famous books, movies and plays.

For these special cards, the customer uploads one or more small photos of faces to the JibJab website. These can be faces of friends and family, even family pets. JibJab has a few standard faces available, but the fun comes from personalizing a card with familiar faces.

The JibJab website is easy to use, and its instructions are clear as to how to upload the faces and what to do to make them look just right in the card. When a card is selected, a page pops up to allow the placement of faces in the card. Using a simple drag-and-drop technique, the customer places the desired face in the space provided on the card. Once the desired faces are in place, a preview option is available so that the customer can see what the card will look like to its recipient. The card can be modified to the customer's satisfaction before it is sent.

Imagine sending the daughter in college a card that displays a sunset beach scene in which two people in lounge chairs are sipping a fruity umbrella drink. The caption says, "Wish You Were Here!" and the faces of the two people are the daughter's parents.

Or imagine a card that shows Santa and Mrs. Claus surrounded by their elf helpers who are dancing while singing, "We Wish You A Merry Christmas!." The faces of Santa and Mrs. Claus are Mom and Dad, and the elves are all of their kids.

Once a card is just how the customer wants it to look, there is a final space in which to place a message, and then it can be sent. The card may be e-mailed to several people at once, or to an individual. In this way, a family card can be created and sent to several friends and family members.

JibJab offers several ecards that may be sent for free. It provides a paid account for a small yearly fee. This paid account gives customers access to more card styles, allows them to create an address book, and keeps a history of cards that have been sent so they can be resent in the future.


JibJab izzie


Tuesday, May 28, 2013


JibJab Vance Ianaco

Love this site for birthday

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Love this site for birthday cards.

JibJab tommy

tommy said:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

funny personalized ecards

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