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The Liquidation Channel is an online plaza and live auction broadcast for jewelry connoisseurs. This website goes beyond just basic shopping. Originally called The Jewelry Store, the Liquidation Channel offers auctions, Live TV, a store that showcases products and a learning center.

It is the format of the Liquidation Channel that makes it distinctive. The company has a reverse auction platform. Unlike a standard auction site with a starting price that goes up with each bid, The Liquidation Channel makes the first price the highest. A host displays the piece up for grabs. At that time, the price it sells for in stores posts on the screen. The price the Liquidation Channel buyer pays is the liquidation listing.

That is not necessarily the end of the story though. Stick around, because the price might get lower. The Liquidation Channel refers to this as a drop auction. As the title suggests, the prices will keep dropping the longer the auction lasts. So, what is the catch, you may ask? There are only so many pieces to sell. At the onset of the process, the auction lists how many of each product they have available. The lower the price, the faster they sell. It becomes a game of speed. Those with the nimbler fingers get the prize. Purchasing is done either online or via the phone.

The Liquidation Channel features primarily jewelry. The products have not changed since The Jewelry Story days. You will find a mix of precious and semi-precious natural stones available for auction. Jewelry comes in all the traditional forms such as watches, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Liquidation Channel offers less traditional pieces, as well, such as toe rings. The company provides artwork and the occasional decorator piece for the home or office, too.

The online Clearance section gives shoppers the opportunity to purchase some previously shown items that did not sell out. This section of the website does not use the traditional Liquidation Channel auction process. The items have a fixed price and will remain for sale as long as stock is available.

A newbie looking at gemstones can turn to the Jewelopedia section on the website for information. Jewelopedia offers everything you need to know about jewelry from care to sizing. This section provides way to look up a particular stone for origin information and a description.

Whether you are shopping for a gift or a making a statement to someone you love, the Liquidation Channel has a piece of jewelry to fit the bill. By watching the show either online or on television, you have the opportunity to sit in on a discussion of each piece with the host before making your purchase. That is what makes the Liquidation Channel different from all the rest.


Liquidation Channel Melinda bellah

I am very pleased with all

Friday, May 16, 2014

I am very pleased with all the merchandise you can't beat their silver prices!

Liquidation Channel Loretta Howell

I love the color of

Friday, May 2, 2014

I love the color of Tanzanite. I have bracelets, rings,necklaces, & earrings .Love ,love , love it. Can't get enough of it.

Liquidation Channel Rebecca Kimmel


Saturday, September 21, 2013


Liquidation Channel Heather

I Love Liquidation Channel. I

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Love Liquidation Channel. I Love All The Hosts along with the Great Deals!

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