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Microsoft, the ruling business and corporate company, has been providing exceptional services to millions of people around the world. The company, owned by the much-focused and experience Bill Gates, commits to helping individuals and businesses realize their developing prospective and enhance their performances. Microsoft takes technology a step further! The website provides easy business solutions to big and small companies, as well as sole proprietors. From the computer at your home to the computer at your workplace, Microsoft leaves its mark everywhere. The products of the company range from hardware, business software, servers, and designer tools to home and entertainment software, mobile devices, and personal software. In addition, you can find a variety of other products and services at competitive prices. Microsoft speaks of excellence that comes across through its passion of technology. No one offers better quality, performance, services, or prices than Microsoft. All these qualities are accentuated by dedicated customer service and commitment to quality.

Visit Microsoft's website ( to shop for all your required software and business tool needs. Available products are arranged in separate categories. Moreover, the user-friendly website guides you throughout the shopping process. Since you will find everything at one place, shopping becomes convenient and saves time. Besides products, customer solutions are divided into categories pertaining to office, home, IT professionals, developers, and business. Check out their advanced search options if you cannot find a particular product in the featured list. Microsoft provides a variety of solutions to make your shopping easier and convenient. The website enables you to shop directly and thus to get first-hand service. If you have any questions, seek the assistance of Microsoft's professional Customer Support group online or via phone.

Microsoft Windows is the most popularly used operating system worldwide. Some of the most sought-after products available at Microsoft's website include Windows Live, Microsoft Office, MSN Internet Access, Microsoft Advertising, and Microsoft Live Search. Browse through the product list to find business software, hardware, design and user experience, developer tools, servers, home and education software, Mac, and mobile devices and software. In the entertainment section, you will find XBOX Home, XBOX Live Zune, MSNBC, MSN Games, PC Gaming, Microsoft Game Studio and DirectX. Visit the Download Center at Microsoft for trial software, Windows mobile downloads, Microsoft updates, Windows media player downloads, Internet Explorer downloads, Office Clip Art and Media, and more. Shop for essential security updates for all kinds of products: home, business, developer, server, and IT. Microsoft provides a variety of Windows training and events, learning tools, Office online training and demos, and IT Pro training and certification. You can acquire the latest security downloads first hand only at Microsoft.


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