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Mrs. Fields cookies are a worldwide favorite among cookie lovers. Since 1977, the company has been delivering smiles and joy one cookie at a time. With 30-plus years of cookie experience, Mrs. Fields is a favorite among cookie connoisseurs. Their delicious, always soft and luscious cookies are still made using Mrs. Fields very own delicious recipes which include yummy ingredients such as unsalted real butter, whole eggs, pure vanilla extract, and their own special combination of flour, chocolate and sugar.

Although Mrs. Fields is known for their cookies and nibblers, the company also offers a wide array of other delicacies to customers in stores, online and through catalog sales. Some of these include: Brownies, cakes, gift tins, gift baskets, and cookie jars. Mrs. Fields cookies have been described by customers as being succulent, bite-sized wonders and comfort food.

Among the company's best-selling items are their classic cookie gift baskets and gift tins. The Bite-Size Bounty is one such treat. This particular basket is beautifully packaged and stuffed full with bite or snack-sized cookies, brownies and muffins; there are so many in this bounty that it is advertised as being ideal for a crowd. Mrs. Fields Classic Brownie Tins are another customer favorite. This gift offers the same classic cookies and brownies in large variety and it comes in the company's signature beautiful red tin imprinted with the Mrs. Fields logo.

Fresh fruit is an excellent complement to rich, chocolate sweets. That's why Mrs. Fields offers fresh fruit gift baskets like the Fruit & Sweets Picnic Hamper. This perfect blend of goodies includes: a red Delicious apple, a Granny Smith apple, two D'Anjou pears, summer sausage, cheese, nuts, crackers, and bite-sized cookies.

Mrs. Fields' gifts come in a wide variety of compositions and sizes. When purchasing the customer is able to customize their order by specifying their desire for either six cookies and six brownies , 12 or 24 brownies, or 12 cookies and 12 brownies. The customer may either choose the signature chocolate chip cookie or another variety from amongst their popular flavors like white chocolate macadamia nut, triple chocolate cookies, oatmeal raisin, and frosted flower cookies. If ordering online or through the catalog, the cookies will arrive in a special wrapper that is designed to help maintain that 'just baked' taste upon receipt.

Whether the customer is in need of a birthday gift, a cheer up bouquet of chocolate or simply an office party trunk of chocolates, Mrs. Fields has the perfect fit for every occasion. Affordably priced, beautifully presented and ever so tastefully prepared, customers will find that there are plenty of great options available for every budget.

From personalized, fun-shaped cookies, to luscious and nutty brownie favorites there are themed and specialty holiday gifts of chocolate choices at Mrs. Fields to satisfy the cookie lover's sweet tooth.


Mrs. Field's Kiley


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


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