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One of the largest online movie rental services in the world, Netflix, boasts a library stocking more than 100,000 DVDs, providing access to about 8 million subscribers across the U S. The company has various subscription plans, which can be chosen according to personal preferences. Membership entitles users immediate access to another, smaller library having a large collection of about 10,000 movies and TV episodes. These can be watched instantly on the computer, playing within 30 seconds of its starting time, without any additional cost. The company clearly states that there are no hidden costs and that membership to different plans entitles users to various benefits. Personalized movie recommendation services are also offered by Netflix along with a huge collection of movie ratings.

The flexible plans and user friendly terms attract more viewers to the website from its members spread all over the U S. Check out their exclusive collection of movies, which will satisfy your movie watching hunger. Netflix accepts online orders for DVDs at any point of time, limited only by the scope of your chosen membership plan. Most plans entitle users to unlimited DVD returns as the company does not specify due dates, keeping no room for additional late fees. All costs have been covered by the subscription plan, which attracts many viewers. With a total of nine subscription plans, members can choose according to their preferences. The ordering and delivery process is fast. The website is user friendly and allows easy browsing of movie categories on the basis of movie title, actor, director, or genre. Netflix has a huge collection of new releases, classics, TV series and other DVDs, covering every genre. It offers the most comprehensive choice of DVDs on the Internet and provides members the freedom to watch as many movies or TV series as they wish.

The member needs to create an online list (or queue) of movies or TV series he or she wants to watch in order of priority and then the first will be sent quickly. As the DVDs are returned Netflix will go down the list and send out the DVDs the member wants to see. They can be kept for infinite periods of time and returned conveniently for other DVDs. Another free service provided by the company comprises of watching the movies and TV episodes streamed directly from the website. The company offers gift subscriptions ranging from a period of 1 month to 1 year. Netflix offers a free trial offer. Thereafter members either continue with it or cancel the membership without any cancellation fee. Netflix also provides a postage-paid return envelope to members, for facilitating convenient returns of the rented DVDs. Visit the website for further information.


Netflix Bennett Gibbs

Bennett Gibbs said:

Monday, February 11, 2013

To me, the free trial on Netflix is one of the best deals going. It's pretty phenomenal. Most people don't realize that if you call them - you can actually get that extended to up to 21 days.

Netflix Samantha Grollman

Samantha Grollman saved Free Trial - Get unlimited movies instantly streamed right to your TV + DVDs by mail:

Thursday, November 29, 2012


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