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Like the cable companies, the phone companies often have a monopoly in a given area, leaving customers who need home phone or business phone services with little to no choice about the service they receive or the price they pay. However, these problems are being solved by is an online company that provides its customers with Internet-based phone services, giving them a cheaper option than most of the local phone companies, as well as reliable service with plenty of customer support. Popular service plans from include personal home, home business and small business services.

The home phone plans from give customers plenty of different options at a great low price. It is a versatile phone plan that allows users to automatically route calls, as well as check voice mail from a cell phone or email. In addition, voice mails can even be sent via text message so that it is a truly convenient service for customers that allows them to have access to their home phone no matter where they are in the world. Best of all, customers are able to transfer existing phone numbers when using this service, which makes it a much easier transition.

Customers who operate businesses out of their home often want a phone plan that is designed specifically for their needs as business owners. offers its customers a home business phone plan that offers three phone numbers and unlimited extensions, so that customers can truly make this plan work for them. There also are fax options within this plan, as well as voice mail and caller ID. It allows a person operating a home business to present a professional image while not costing a fortune.

Operating a small business is no easy task, and finding utilities that truly work for a small business is always a challenge for any business owner. offers its customers an Internet-based service that is specifically designed for them. The small business plan includes service features such as automated incoming call handling and forwarding, a single phone number to reach a variety of staff members to give a professional image, and the ability to check voice mail by email, phone or on the Web -- allowing business owners to stay connected to their small businesses at all times.

Receiving phone service from a traditional phone or cable company has become increasingly difficult each year -- the cost of service goes up, while the quality is continuously on the decline. offers its customers several Internet-based phone plans that are truly designed to meet all customers needs. In addition, specializes in its 24-hour a day, seven-day a week customer service -- so that its customers know they can receive help with their phone service no matter what time of day. Even registering for service from is easy -- customers can simply sign up online and begin receiving phone service within minutes.


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