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Sorel began life as a maker of rugged boots built for adventure and designed to protect their wearers from extreme conditions. Today, while Sorel still offers high-quality boots for the great outdoors, it also offers stylish footwear for both men and women. In addition, Sorel's footwear is known for its excellent construction and for being fashioned out of high-quality materials.

Sorel's winter boot line is still the heart and sole -- or soul -- of the company. Its Caribou model, which was created in 1972, was Sorel's first boot and is still an example of the type of tough footwear this company offers to customers. The Caribou is waterproof, features sealed seams, and is rated to withstand temperatures as low as 40 below zero. In addition, the Caribou has a removable felt InnerBoot and boasts a thick rubber midsole, which adds a layer of insulation between the wearer and the cold ground, and a rugged outsole. To prevent snow from finding its way into the boot, the Caribou features a cuff around the top of its shaft. This popular model, which has been bought by millions, is available for both men and women.

Sorel understands that many women do not want to sacrifice style for comfort. To that end, Sorel has created fashionable boots that work as hard as the Caribou to keep their wearers warm, but do so with flair. Sorel's Cate the Great, for instance, is a tall, knee-high boot that has lace-up details. This beautiful boot is fashioned from waterproof suede and leather and sports faux fur details at the cuff. Like the Caribou, this stylish boot has a felt InnerBoot to protect the wearer's foot from the cold. Cate the Great is rated to offer protection to its wearers in temperatures as low as 25 degrees below zero.

Sorel also offers footwear for children. Its children's line includes fashion-forward boots, practical snow and rain boots, as well as fun slippers.

Sorel isn't just a one-season footwear company. It also carries fashionable boots for those days when the temperatures aren't bitter, and a full line of stylish sandals and casual shoes for men and women. Its regular footwear shows the same well thought-out details of its rugged winter boots. For instance, its men's Sentry sneaker is made from high-quality leather and suede and boasts a removable insole that offers extra support and cushioning to the wearer. The Sentry has a vulcanized rubber outsole, which prevents slipping, and it comes with an extra set of different-colored laces for fashion.

Although Sorel boots are crafted to last a long time, the inner soles may occasionally need replacing. For that purpose, Sorel's website carries a selection of liners that fit its various heavy-duty boots.

The Sorel website also has a sale section where customers can find boots and shoes for less. For models that are not on sale or to get an even better bargain, savvy shoppers can apply a coupon code to their purchases.


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