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The Splendid brand was developed based on the belief that comfort and style can go hand in hand when it comes to clothing. The founding of Splendid's clothing line is perhaps as unique as the clothing itself. Its founder, Moise Emquies, had just graduated law school in 1992 when a friend invited him to design a T-shirt for her clothing store. Upon receiving this project, Emquies immersed himself into the project, learning everything he could about textiles and various features of a wide variety of different fabrics to ultimately develop the perfect, most comfortable blend.

After 10 years of extended searching and experimentation, Emquies finally discovered the perfect formula with a mixture of 50 percent luxurious supima cotton and 50 percent micro modal. The cotton portion of the blend adds a super soft feel and incredible body to the clothing item, while the micro modal portion is a soft form of rayon that features the deepest absorption of color dyes for outstanding vibrancy that won't fade after washing.

This unique fabric blend is now used in a large variety of clothing items, designed for men, women and children of all different sizes and style preferences. Splendid uses the same diligence in searching for the latest fashion trends as it does searching for the most comfortable fabrics. Because of this, shoppers can count on cutting-edge fashions that add extra comfort and class to everyday wear.

To take full advantage of the high absorbency levels of Splendid's premium fabric blend, the clothing line often features bright, saturated colors that will make you stand out from the crowd, wear after wear. From trendy striped patterns to bold solids, Splendid guarantees that you'll have that "like new" look each time you wear a clothing item from their high-quality brand. The clothing categories you can choose from when shopping at Splendid include tops, bottoms, dresses, sweaters, swimwear, shoes, accessories, lounge wear, maternity wear and even plus size items.

Splendid clothing is an excellent choice for babies and young children because the super soft feel of the fabric is kind to sensitive skin and keeps little ones fully comfortable for a full day of wear. In addition to treating your skin with the utmost care through the soft fabric used, Splendid also features a line of body care products that soothe and moisturize the skin to promote both improved comfort and health. Buyers can choose from a wide variety of body products available, including body lotion, body butter, hand cream, body wash, and body scrub. Each body product is made from a formula featuring cotton extracts, which softens skin for a feeling that's as smooth and silky as Splendid clothing.

Because of the luxurious nature of Splendid clothing and products--in addition to the high-quality of the components used in each item--prices are often reflective of these incredible compositions. However, Splendid often features savings opportunities for buyers in the form of a promo code or free shipping code, so you can get a great deal on an exceptionally high-quality product.


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