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SSWW is a store that caters to the kids and all their small and big needs for arts, crafts, games and more. You can get all your birthday supplies from the store too. SSWW has the largest variety of arts and crafts materials at prices that will take shoppers by surprise.

Keep your kids productive and busy with SSWW's arts and craft supplies. The store has an expanse of Crayola Washable Markers, colored pencils, Color Splash giant sidewalk chalk, chalk pastels, and many other items that will get you started. Get some of our non-bleeding, colorfast tissue paper for paper for your art projects, or start making your own jewelry with easy bead kits. Get creative and make your own quilt squares or paint with the store's assortment of tempera pain. Stock your art supply drawer with paper, scissors, glue and tape, and all the scrapbooking supplies you need. Organize your supplies SSWW's storage racks and carts.

Entertaining kids? Need a project for camp or babysitting? Take a look at the selection of craft kits. Let your kids make their own jewelry, color their own hats, make a flower pot, or assemble and decorate a birdhouse. Or you can make tropical fish stained glass frames. The choice is up to you.

SSWW also has educational supplies. Buy an awards pack for your classroom so you can show your students what a great job they are doing. Get borders for your bulletin boards and colorful name tags and stickers to make the days just a little more fun. Buy games that will help your students learn about Lewis and Clark or memorize their math tables.

How about sports and P.E.? Get balls of all different sizes and colors. There are beach balls and dodge balls and big yellow balls, and a giant cart to put them all in. Or, pick up some baseball bats or hockey supplies, whatever you need to make P.E. exciting.

Have a party coming up? Want to make it fun for that special kid in your life? Purchase decorating kits for any holiday. The store also has kits with assorted candy so none of your guests will go home without party favors. There is also a selection of party hats and noise makers to celebrate that special occasion. You can even buy a super mirror disco ball to make sure your party is the best.

Don't forget the games! SSWW has bingo cards, an assortment of classic board games (Monopoly, Sorry!, Connect 4), bingo, even a ping-pong table!


SSWW kathy Jo

love the items

Monday, December 8, 2014

love the items

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