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Founded by a highly trained collective of professionals in the medical aesthetics industry, Trophy Skin knows the importance of a clear complexion and the battle that many of us face with persistent acne and blemishes. Having honed their skills and methods at one of the world's leading spa clinics, Trophy Skin is now bringing its skin rejuvenation treatments from the spa to the comfort of your home. Specializing in laser and light-based skin therapies, Trophy Skin manufactures cutting-edge medical devices that rejuvenate the skin. Trophy Skin uses blue light therapy, a revolutionary concept in the world of dermatology, and its home-based product, the BlueMD, incorporates this technology to great success.

When it comes to skin care, we are all looking for some type of fountain of youth. There are countless products, remedies, pills and peels that are said to eradicate acne and leave our skin looking fresh and luminescent. However, few of them work and several of them contain dangerous and potentially harmful chemicals. While not everyone adapts to an all-natural, green lifestyle, nobody wants to lather their face with acne creams, gels or antibiotics that are composed of toxic compounds. Trophy Skin understands the importance of an alternative and effective approach to skin care and rejuvenation, and blue light therapy is the answer.

Safe, easy to use and non-invasive, blue light therapy specifically targets the bacterium that causes the acne. The light is not harsh or dangerous to the integrity of the skin, nor does it cause the type of irritations or dry, flaky rashes that are common with the some gels and ointments. The BlueMD looks like you average desk lamp. However, it is outfitted with a bulb that emits a high-intensity blue light. The blue light is not only more powerful than LED and lasers, but it specifically targets the acne. In a few weeks, you will see that your skin is not only less oily, but notice that your pores are beginning to get smaller as well. Once the pores begin to get smaller, it is a sign that the acne is already starting to clear. In order to achieve healthy, fresh and acne-free skin, the BlueMD device should be used throughout the week. It is said to work for 90 percent of acne sufferers.

Trophy Skin also manufactures the MocrodermMD. This professional-level device is exactly like the machines that are used in spas and high-end salons. What's the difference? Once you have one of these exfoliating devices in your home, you will never have to spend money on a weekly visit to the salon. Sun damage, fine lines and age spots can all be treated with the MicrodermMD's exfoliating wand.

If you are looking for an alternative to ointments, chemical peels and potentially harmful acne lotions, then Trophy Skin is your solution. Blue light therapy and exfoliating wands are safe and effective ways to treat your skin. It is time to have the tools of the spa in the comfort of your home.


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