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Now you can listen to stories any time you want. Audible brings live storytellers to you through your computer and mobile phone. Audible supplies digital audio information and entertainment on the Internet. It specializes in spoken texts translated from books, newspapers, journals and magazines. It also provides users with original programming and TV and radio subscriptions. You can download content from audible and play it on your personal computer or play it on audible-supported mobile devices. The store has a huge number of audio programs and hundreds of content providers like audio book publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine publishers and newspaper publishers. Audible is an authorized provider of audio products for Apple's iTunes store. You can buy and download audio products and can even burn the contents to a CD for using later. You can even transfer your audio material wirelessly to your mobile device.

To find out more about audible, take a tour of their official website and see the options available to you. Don't look any further than audible for audio books. This online store offers every type of audio book you could ask for. Search for the perfect audio book with the help of the advanced search engine and be sure to check out audible's list of compatible devices, which is extensive, and system requirements. Before making any purchasing decision, see if the book is right for you by enjoying their free book samples. Audible offers several different membership plans, so be sure to take a look at which option works best for your audio books needs. Create an account to start searching audio products now!

Select from a huge collection of classics and best sellers. You can choose any program by clicking on the green play buttons; items will appear in My Library, your online bookshelf. Then transfer the book to your device to listen to it. Select and subscribe to one of audible's membership plans to get ample download opportunity and fun. Browsing, downloading and transferring audio products is simple and easy with audible. Get audio versions of novels such as Quantum of Solace, Metropolis, The Bodies Left Behind and The White Tiger. Subscriptions to famous radio shows such as "The New Yorker," "Charlie Rose," "The Bob Edwards Show" and many others for a certain period of time are also available. Audible is essentially hacker proof, so be confident that your personal information will be guarded carefully.


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