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New Balance shoes have transitioned from orthopedic shoes that lacked a cool factor to becoming one of the most popular and fashionable brands. Shop New Balance carries a wide selection of New Balance shoes for every foot type and desired use.

All of New Balance's shoes are designed using Shoe Lasts. These 360-degree models help shoe designers fine tune each shoe to meet the needs of individual feet. Shoes are designed with consideration for heel width, toe box width, instep height and other crucial factors related to fit. Special lines of shoes, such as Minimus line, are designed to provide a more natural and fitted feel. In addition to specially designed shoes, Shop New Balance offers shoes in multiple widths. Men and women will find shoes from a 2A narrow fit to a 6E extra-wide fit. Kids' shoe options come in four widths: Narrow, medium, wide and extra wide.

In addition to shoes for running, cross-training, walking and general outdoor wear, Shop New Balance features special collections of New Balance shoes. The USA Collection features a selection of shoes that are entirely made or assembled in the United States. Special Collectors' Kicks and Limited Edition shoes feature unique colors and designs on some of New Balance's most popular styles. The Military Collection features camouflage shoes and other military-inspired designs, including a selection of military-style boots. Lace Up for the Cure features shoes and clothing items designed to support breast cancer research.

Another unique shoe option from Shop New Balance is the ability to customize popular New Balance designs. While the basic design of the shoe stays the same, customers have the ability to specify specific colors for all elements of the shoe, including the tongue, lining, side guard, vamp, and heel.

Shop New Balance also offers a wide selection of athletic apparel for customers to choose from. Women will find special yoga gear from Anue and Aneka Yoga. Tops for women include form-fitting tanks, T-shirts and polo shirts to wear while working out or going for a run. Other options for women include shorts, skirts, tights, active underwear and, of course, socks. Many items feature the New Balance logo. For men, hoodies, T-shirts, performance tops, and special pants provide multiple options for the ideal workout. The Team Sports collection allows men to choose athletic clothing designed to be worn before, during and after team games.

Shop New Balance is designed to fulfill all of the needs for someone who likes to work out or lives an active lifestyle. From the shoes to the clothes, customers will find multiple options to complete their workout gear collections. Accessories such as athletic bags, sunglasses and sports monitors round of the list of available products.


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