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Who does not want to look like the models in the cover page of "Vogue"? Well, now you can, thanks to YOOX! One of the premier websites for designer wear for men and women, YOOX was established in 2000 in Italy. The company has expanded its operation to the whole of Europe, USA, Japan, and more than 20 other countries throughout the world. The best names and companies in the fashion and entertainment industries like Elio Fiorucci, Malcolm McLaren, Claire Danes, and Magnum Photos are partners and friends to YOOX.

You can find everything here, from designer shoes, clothes, accessories, and jewelry to rare books, vintage clothes, watches, and home decoration items. YOOX has not only size "XXS," but also size "XXXL" products, making it a must visit site for all! YOOX is an online boutique shop where you can browse through hundreds of designer items and mix and match them to create a style that is uniquely yours! Name any designer and he or she will be present in YOOX. Here, you can find not only end-of-season designer clothes at unbelievably affordable prices but also fresh collections from the coming season. You may pay through your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card. When you visit the website after your purchase you can even track your order through the tracking number provided by UPS. All of the major Italian brands are found in YOOX; you can match your Gucci handbag with an evening gown from Giorgio Armani while sporting a trendy Dolce and Gabbana watch!

Besides purchasing the offerings of Italian masters present in YOOX, you can also find the minimalist designer line from Calvin Kline or the more flamboyant designs of Jean Paul Goutier. The men too will not be disappointed if they shop in YOOX. They can try the jeans from Diesel, a Marc Jacobs shirt, or a suit from Burberry. Or they might choose to go for some club wear by Roberto Cavalli. Even children have their own corner in the YOOX online store with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Adidas. YOOX offers great discounts on end-of-season products. What's more, you can even find additional discounts from time to time on the new season's collection. If you are selecting items to give as gifts to someone else, then YOOX will gift wrap them for you at a minimum fee. All you need to do is click on the gift option in the cart page of the website.


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