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AT&T Wireless offers all the tools anyone needs to stay connected with friends, family, work, and the world. They offer some of the fastest download speeds on the planet, excellent hardware and communications software along with flexible monthly connection plans.

With consistent, reliable wireless coverage across America, AT&T Wireless historically experiences negligible downtime or outages. Reliability is as critical as download speed and call quality. AT&T Wireless dedicates numerous resources to maintain their cell towers, servers and operating systems in top condition to ensure that all systems stay up and performing at optimum levels.

Noted for offering the most popular cell phones and devices, AT&T Wireless tries to match the top state-of-the-art hardware with its cutting-edge network services. This hardware/network marriage is crucial to superior wireless connection services. AT&T Wireless is committed to strive for the top reliability statistics available in the market.

AT&T Wireless typically offers a full menu of voice and data plans for every type of user. The casual voice and data user should find a low-cost plan that fits their needs. Heavy talk time, Internet surfers and email users will also find network plans that offer the voice minutes and unlimited megabyte downloads that constantly connected people want.

However, current and prospective customers should stay up to date with current offerings, as both voice and data plans and prices sometimes change more often than users would like. Depending on the market and the competition's programs, AT&T may modify existing plans quickly to remain a viable option for potential customers, who are evaluating service options.

For those who prefer to avoid month-end billing "surprises," AT&T has a menu of prepaid network plans that satisfy this craving. These users often prefer the AT&T Wireless network over some of the other low-cost prepaid plans. Once again, potential customers should stay up-to-date with pricing. Prepaid plans can offer unlimited voice minutes and data downloads. They may also offer reduced minutes and data maximums for more cost conscious users.

AT&T Wireless also supports a vast WiFi national network. This not only keeps users connected 24/7/365, but helps conserve mobile data usage volume. Many AT&T Wireless devices can access these WiFi hotspots without overly draining batteries, while conserving data usage. Numerous devices offer auto-connect options, remember hotspots at places users favor and switch WiFi on or off as needed to save battery life.

When Cingular Wireless purchased the original AT&T Wireless (2004), it rebranded itself as AT&T. The two companies technically "reversed" their positions, as Cingular became owned by AT&T Wireless. This seemingly odd marriage gave the co-joined companies a massive state-of-the-art wireless presence that covered the entire United States.

This coverage and financial strength has led AT&T to its strong position in wireless communications. AT&T works tirelessly to offer its more than 1 million subscribers outstanding customer service along with its reliable network and cutting edge devices. Users looking for one of the top wireless providers should give AT&T serious consideration.


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