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This U.S.-based gift store is recognized as a most dependable source for buying gifts. Harry & David focuses on offering customers the most wonderful gifts that will make their day.

Moreover, officials at the store are highly concerned about the environment, which is one reason they shifted their business and mode of operation to the online media.

There was a time when Harry & David had no choice other than publishing its catalog on paper. However, since 2003 it has shifted a large portion of its business to the Internet. For example, it increased its investment in the e-commerce division, which in turn reduced paper waste by approximately 35 percent. In fact, customers also supported Harry & David in the conversion.

At Harry & David, you are promised personal attention and high-quality products. Moreover, it also offers top-class delivery service.

The professionals and officials at Harry & David are still trying to reduce material consumption by refining database marketing, focusing on product assortments and enhancing Internet promotions. For example, the target is to concentrate on utilizing the website as much as possible.

Harry & David is developing a customer preference center where you can let company representatives know what catalogs you would like to receive, rather than receive unwanted mailings. The company's recycling program began 20 years ago and has recycled more than 23,000 tons. A recent survey reveals that Harry & David conserves a great deal of electricity every year by applying efficient lighting arrangements, improving combustion in steam boilers, and utilizing computer-controlled HVAC.

As soon as you purchase a gift from Harry & David, an account will be generated for you. This account will keep you in touch with the special offers, discounts and rebates offered by Harry & David.

From lavish fruit baskets and grand gift towers to fancy fresh fruits, chocolates and confections, Harry & David makes it simple to fulfill everyone's taste with gifts of exceptional flavor. You will be astonished to know that Harry & David has been doing this for more than 70 years now.

To create the best gift baskets, experts start with the world's finest and freshest ingredients available. It doesn't matter whether these are fruit or crispy nut, or they may be in between, there are no cut corners and no compromises.

Harry & David uses encryption techniques to protect data transfers. Credit cards and personal checks are accepted here. You may go with appropriate replacement or full refund if you are not completely satisfied.


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