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Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies, or HDIS, provides adults with the products they need to take care of urinary incontinence, a sometimes embarrassing health condition. Adults with urinary incontinence frequently lose control of their bladders, making for extreme inconvenience and quite a bit of distress. With the products sold at HDIS, these adults can decrease the frequency of symptom occurrence and, in the meantime, maintain their dignity.

Although urinary incontinence is capable of striking at any age, it typically affects older adults. Many of the seniors struggling with urinary incontinence lack easy access to stores supplying the necessary supplies. HDIS makes obtaining bladder control products easy, thanks to its convenient home delivery service. Customers can have urinary incontinence supplies shipped to them in less than 24 hours. This way, the necessary supplies will always be within reach.

HDIS carries some of the top brands in the incontinence supply industry, including Depend, Serenity, Attends, Reassure, and Poise. These bladder control products provide sufferers of urinary incontinence with extra peace of mind, making it easier to get through the day without heightened anxiety.

Depend has long been a recognized brand in the world of bladder control. Named for its dependable protection, this product is known for its highly absorbent nature. HDIS customers can find Depend underwear designed for both men and women. Depending on the severity of their incontinence, customers can invest in different levels of Depend underwear, including mild, moderate and maximum. Adjustable underwear is also available on the website, enabling shoppers to obtain the perfect fit. For those with milder cases of urinary incontinence, Depend inserts are the perfect solution. These allow users to continue wearing their own undergarments without having to worry about bladder leakage.

Serenity is another top product sold at HDIS. Part of the renowned TENA line of product, Serenity focuses its efforts on males with incontinence issues. The products range from mild to maximum strength, allowing the full spectrum of urinary incontinence needs to be met. Overnight pads are also included so that men can spend longer periods of time without having to change pads or underwear.

Although HDIS mainly focuses on urinary incontinence supplies, the website also offers other products designed to especially for senior living. A wide range of diabetes supplies are available on the site, including lancets, control solutions, test strips and meters. Pain relief is another big category at HDIS, with products such as Miracle Rub, Conair Massaging Neck Rests, and Memory Foam Leg Pillows all there to make life a bit more bearable for those suffering from painful diseases and conditions. HDIS also helps seniors remain independent with its line of mobility products, including wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and ramps. All of this equipment is offered in hopes of making life easier for seniors dealing with physical impairments.

Urinary incontinence is not an easy condition to live with, but it can be made manageable with the right tools. Easy access to these tools is provided by the kind folks at HDIS.


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