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As its name suggests, caters to horse fanciers of all types. It provides tack, grooming supplies, clothing, and more. One thing that makes this site unique is the fact that it caters to humans as well as horses.

For humans, offers a wide variety of apparel in both English and Western equestrian styles. English riding wear includes show shirts and jackets, breeches and tights, half chaps, and accessories. Accessories cover boot socks, gripping gloves, headbands, hair nets, boot pulls, and more.

For Western styles, hats, fringed chaps, boots, vests, and show apparel highlight the selection. There is an extensive selection of casual riding wear as well. Show apparel looks distinctively fancier than casual wear, but it retains its Western flair in a snappy way.

Gifts, jewelry, and footwear round out's selection for humans. Footwear covers all sorts of riding styles. There is a great selection for casual riding as well as for shows.

Of course, has a huge selection of items for the horses. Basic supplies for the stable, pest control, nutrition, and grooming are just the start of the possibilities. There are plenty of healthy supplements for equines as well as wormers, leg and hoof protectors, and stable supplies.

Saddles and Tack are sold in Australian and English styles. Australian saddles are sold with or without horns and in both leather and synthetic materials. Of course, matching tack is available in all of its forms. English saddles come in dressage, mini, trail, all-purpose, and kids' styles.

For Western riders, an assortment of bareback pads leads the tack category. Materials range from fairly thin fabrics to tough leathers. Specialized saddles provide a sturdier seat for activities like roping, barrel racing, and trail riding. Cowboy-style stirrups, saddlebags, and other tack complete the Western picture.

Everyone loves a good blanket, and this includes horses. offers a great array of blankets for specialized purposes as well as keeping warm. Waterproof blankets allow horses to be outside in the rain or wet snow, while stable blankets make nights in the stable nice and cozy. For warmer days, horse sheets keep the animals clean and dry without overheating. For relief from pests, fly sheets provide an anti-insect barrier without impeding airflow.

When the weather is too hot, a cooler is the perfect solution. These sheets allow moisture to evaporate slowly from a horse's body on hot, sunny days. By applying the cooler sheet after the horse is bathed, the cooling effect of the water lasts much longer than it would if the animal was left unclothed. is a subsidiary of TabCom, which was founded in 1969 to cater to the needs of pet owners and various hobby aficionados. Online, the company operates a variety of specialized sites to cover these needs in a comprehensive way. Those who shop at benefit from these years of experience and will surely find everything they desire.

Comments Laura Gallagher

Good tack shop

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good tack shop Thalia G.

Thalia G. said:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Amazing selection of supplies for my ponies

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