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Everything a dog owner could need or want is available at Muttropolis, and cats are included here, too. Back in 2002, when the store's founders began putting the venture together, their aim was to build a store that was a fun place for dog and cat owners to shop for the things their furry friends need. They have succeeded in that goal, as Muttropolis stocks fun and fashionable products where it's appropriate, without forgetting the health and well-being of the animals.

The vast majority of the items at Muttropolis are for dogs, but this is in part due to the outgoing nature of the creatures. One of the largest sections of the store is devoted to collars and leashes, necessary for all dogs' favorite activity -- their daily walk. At Muttropolis, leashes may be fabric, nylon or leather, and there aren't very many plain ones in stock. Among the fabric and nylon variety, decorations such as stars, flowers, dinosaurs, plaids, stripes and hearts abound, while many of the leather collars feature stones or beads for a bit of bling.

Another section of the online store is devoted to travel gear. Carriers for small dogs range from purse-like bags to more structured cases for airline travel. Water bottles and packable food bowls are also handy items, especially the water bottle that includes an attached dish that folds down so a dog can lap water from it. Car safety for dogs has come a long way in recent years, and Muttropolis carries an assortment of products to keep pets secure and out of harm's way while riding in a car. Owners of traveling dogs can even put their pet to work with a backpack designed to carry food bowls and toys.

For many dogs, sleeping on the cold hard floor is a thing of the past. Dog beds come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and materials to suit every pet and its owner. There are also dog beds that are specially designed for extended outdoor use with covers that stand up to changing weather conditions. Dog crates are also a popular choice to give a dog its own space, and many are decorative enough to blend into a home's furnishings. And, for a dog that likes its own house, there are log cabins and two-story houses available.

Muttropolis also caters to those finicky felines. Among the collars for cats are designs featuring mice, fish or birds, plus other whimsical themes, including a pirate cat. For comfort and privacy, there are scratchers and loungers, as well as litter boxes that look like a piece of furniture rather than a plain plastic bin.

While many of Muttropolis' products lean toward the fun, such as dog clothing and toys, they also offer natural foods, treats and supplements for dogs and cats, plus an array of natural health care and grooming products. Senior animals are given special consideration, with supplements to ease arthritis and ramps to get in and out of the car.


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