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Long ago, the New York Times secured its place in history as one of the most widely read and respected newspapers in the United States. The New York Times also had the ear of the rest of the world.

Before the widespread availability of up-to-the-minute information on the Internet, most people got their news and information from television or by reading a newspaper. Television gave you the headlines and a taste of the most important stories, but newspapers went into much greater depth to bring you the complete story. You could rely on the New York Times to bring you the latest news and to present it in a fair and factual manner.

Fathers carried a copy of the Times under their arm as they boarded the train from Long Island or Yonkers to go into work in New York City. There was a special skill to folding the nearly three-foot wide and two-foot long newspaper so one could read it without disturbing the person sitting in the seat next to them. Sunday breakfasts would not be the same without a copy of the times sitting on the table next to Dad's coffee.

As the 1960s and 70s turned into the 1980s and 90s, newspaper, including the New York Times, gradually lost their luster. The new way to get your news was the Internet. The New York Times as well as just about every other printed newspaper was in grave danger of becoming irrelevant. Fortunately, steps were taken by the ownership and management of the New York Times to allow people to read the New York Times online.

Today, you can still get a subscription to the printed version of the New York Times. The New York Times is available on newsstands in most cities. It is available across the nation by subscription in both paper and electronic form.

The New York Times still has great appeal because it has not strayed from its journalistic integrity and staff of professional writers that are the heart and soul of the paper. There are numerous Pulitzer Prize writers on the staff of the Times. Editorials are widely read and often influence decision makers. A political endorsement from the New York Times carries a great deal of weight. The sports writers are among the best in the country. Investigative reports are a hallmark of the paper.

One can create an account online and access many of the stories that appear in the print version of the paper. With a paid subscription, readers receive free all-digital access, including the complete version of the Times, on their computer and most other electronic devices. There are also free apps for your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android smartphone as well.

You also get the printed version of the New York Times delivered directly to your mailbox no matter where you happen to live. You have the option of getting the paper delivered seven days per week, Friday through Sunday, Monday through Friday, or Sunday only.

While you still can, pick up a printed version of the New York Times. Don't miss out on one of life's great experiences--subscribe today.


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