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Nothing revitalizes a person like a stint in the great outdoors. Unfortunately for some, backpacking and mountaineering are not particularly comfortable activities, especially when inclement weather strikes. But, any backcountry trip can be made infinitely more relaxing with the right gear.

Oregon Mountain Community works hard to foster a love of the outdoors among its vast customer base. From top to bottom, the employees at Oregon Mountain Community share a passion for wilderness and a desire to share this passion with others.

The company sells all kinds of outdoor products, but specializes in backpacking, mountaineering and backcountry skiing equipment. Many of Oregon Mountain Community's most devoted customers are hard-core wilderness nuts who, if they had their way, would spend all their time in the backcountry. As it is, these folks still spend a significant amount of time out in nature, which is why they require lightweight clothing and equipment that will stand up to heavy use. To find these products, hardcore nature lovers need a recreational outfitter that focuses on selling only the best products.

Despite the current high-end status of Oregon Mountain Community, this company's beginnings were quite humble. Oregon Mountain Community opened in 1971, with the entire operation based out of a tiny property in Portland. As the "granola" culture began to boom in the early 1980s, the company expanded, moving multiple times in search of more space. Soon, many of Oregon Mountain Community's best customers were buying gear over the Internet, which is why the company began to place an emphasis on online sales.

One of the biggest sellers on Oregon Mountain Community's website is the basic outdoor backpack. The company sells a variety of different backpacks, including day packs, multi-day packs, climbing packs, hydration packs and ski packs. Backpack accessories such as rain covers and stuff sacks are also sold.

Clothing is also a big deal for Oregon Mountain Community customers, as it can be surprisingly difficult to find activewear that is lightweight, fast-drying and durable. The outdoor company sells a wide range of clothing designed to fit all four seasons. Shells and coats keep nature enthusiasts warm in the winter, while lightweight hiking pants make hot and buggy summers bearable. Performance wear is also included for the super competitive athlete who desires any extra advantage possible.

Camping equipment is never cheap, but Oregon Mountain Community's website is designed to provide great deals on outdoor gear. The dedicated customer can always come up with a coupon that will significantly slash the cost of an order.

The opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors is one no person should pass by. The experience can be greatly enhanced with the right gear and clothing, all of which can be found at Oregon Mountain Community.


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Friday, March 8, 2013


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