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Consumers who want to save the environment, while also saving money, should purchase remanufactured toner and inkjet cartridges from Toner Green. Cartridges for printers can be very costly, especially for individuals or companies that churn out piles and piles of printed materials. Toner Green offers a cost-cutting solution for these pricey units with its eco-friendly, remanufactured toner cartridges that are less expensive than brand-new versions. Of course, purchasing a remanufactured cartridge also means that there will be one less piece of junk being added to this country's already overburdened landfills.

Toner Green carries remanufactured toner cartridge models for most of the popular printer brands, including but definitely not limited to Lexmark, Samsung, Epson, Canon, Brother, Xerox, Konica-Minolta, Panasonic, Sharp and Dell. Within each manufacturer listing, Toner Green also tries to carry toner cartridges for most of the series belonging to a brand. For instance, it offers toners for HP Printer's Business Inkjet, Deskwriter, color copier, Color Inkjet CP, Deskjet, Designjet, Photosmart, Stylewriter and fax series. This company's specialty, however, is in providing toner cartridges for Xerox Phaser printers and color toners for HP models.

If a customer can't find a particular model of toner cartridge on the company's website, they can contact Toner Green, as it may be able to custom make certain ones upon request.

Customers can save money on these remanufactured products without worrying that they will be skimping on quality. Each of Toner Green's remanufactured cartridges comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee from the company and a two-year warranty. Toner Green customers can save even more money by looking for and using a promo code before finalizing their purchases.

This environmentally aware company also sells eco-friendly breakroom supplies. Its forks, knives and spoons are made from polymer materials that are biodegradable and can be composted. Toner Green also carries plates and bowls made from bamboo fibers, which are also biodegradable and compostable. In addition, the bamboo used for these plates is grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.

Toner Green also carries a line of eco-friendly LED signs, which use less energy than typical electric signs. In fact, these LED signs can typically save a customer about 90 percent on electricity costs over conventional lighted signs. LED lights can also last 10 times longer than compact fluorescent bulbs. They will also last 60 times longer than incandescent ones. Even better, these LED lights don't use highly toxic mercury, so they are much friendlier to the environment than compact fluorescent bulbs.

In addition to selling remanufactured toner products, Toner Green also has a recycling program through which it accepts used toner cartridges. It currently accepts only used cartridges made by original equipment manufacturers. Customers who submit used cartridges for recycling that pass inspection will receive compensation or store credit from Toner Green.

This Green America-approved company also donates one percent of its profits to EarthShare, an environmental nonprofit company that works to connect green charities with companies and individuals interested in making the world more green.


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